Company profile

Netme specializes in services for web design, online stores [e-shop] and web applications, offering a full range of technology solutions.


One of the main elements that defines our constructions is aesthetic and it is one of the most important things for a visitor to interact with a site. Our goal is high performance graphics combined with high technology infrastructure that is required by a modern and dynamic webpage.


With over 5 years experience in the field of web design, and a highly qualified team, we offer reliable and effective solutions for dozens of businesses successfully.


The group of associates come from web and technology fields, in Greece and abroad, each representing their own area of ​​expertise, adding a piece in the development of each project.


If you are interested to promote your business in the internet, searching comprehensive services based on strong infrastructure and professional expertise, Netme is one of the few companies that can offer you as simple you think about it.

Take the first step to building your website taking an offer with the information you need.